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"What am I going to do for my workout today?"

Exercise is an effective way to introduce healthy motion into your daily routine. While nutrition is key, exercise is a close second.

We know we should workout, but there are plenty of challenges that get in the way. Especially these days.

Schedule changes, lack of equipment, kids who need attention, work schedules, and many other factors can throw a wrench in anyone’s workout plans.

Deciding what type of workout to do adds a more significant challenge.

Questions such as...

…what types of exercise should I do?

…how many sets and repetitions?

…what intensity should I use?

…how long should I workout?

...and many other questions prevent us from ever getting started.

I have good news.

Although we can’t remove the challenge of a global pandemic, family responsibilities, or other outside factors, we CAN remove the challenge of not knowing what to do for your workouts.

As a "BE YOU FITNESS" program subscriber, you have full access to our workout section.

In your workout section, you’ll find everything you need to take the guesswork out of your exercise program.

The workouts section allows you to choose workouts based upon experience level, body part, and much more.

Variables such as intensity, sets, repetitions, types of exercise and more, are all programmed for you.

You can also log your workouts, create custom workouts, and more.

Being a health coach and a personal trainer, I know the ins and outs of what is the most effective way to build muscle and burn fat. I understand how everyones limitations and conditions are different so I take that into account when developing a workout program for you.

My workout programs are designed to increase energy, strength, mobility and confidence. I have also designed them so you can do your workouts in the gym or at home with minimal equipment needed.

Start your body transformation today.


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