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Exercise is an effective way to introduce healthy motion into your daily routine. While nutrition is key, exercise is a close second.

Being a health coach who has been on program, I know the ins and outs of what is the most effective workout training for those who want to get stronger while being on program. I understand how everyones limitations and conditions are different so I take that into account when developing a workout program for you.

My workout program is designed to increase energy, strength, mobility and confidence using effective workouts and proper nutrition. With my workout plan, you have the option of doing your workouts in the gym or home with minimal equipment needed.

Being a personal trainer who has also successfully reached my goal weight, I get a few questions quite often like these.


1. One of the questions I receive is “do I need to workout while i’m on program?”

Absolutely not. In fact Karleen and I reached out weight loss goal without even working out once. We did take walks and played with the kids but never went to the gym. Having your nutrition in check is key.


2. “So If I don’t need to workout with this program, why would I exercise? And do i really need a personal trainer?"

I’ll answer this question with my personal story.

I actually reached my goal before I became a personal trainer. After reaching my goal I was the happiest I had been in years. My confidence was through the roof. I looked great with smaller clothes that I used to not be able to fit in. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed anymore when I looked in the mirror. It was amazing!


When I took my shirt off though, I was skinny but had some loose skin. This is what is considered as the term “skinny fat.” This is where after losing a considerable amount of weight your skin is looser and there is not much aesthetic muscle definition. This is because when losing weight without exercise you tend to lose 3 things. We lose Fat (which is what we want to lose :), water, and muscle. Exercising while losing weight will preserve more muscle and burn fat. So when you reach your goal you will look more lean with better muscle definition. This is when I made the decision to become a certified personal trainer and transform my body that had lost a lot of weight into a more defined, muscular composition. I wasn't looking to get huge, I was just looking to get stronger and look more defined.

Do you really need a personal trainer? No as long as you know the proper workout routines for your goal. 

Do I recommend one though? Yes.

I have developed programs that are specifically designed for people who are on program so that they don't have to guess on how to get lean during their weight loss journey. And by being a trainer who has been on the optimal wellness program, I understand it even better.

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