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My name is Karleen Wolanin and I grew up with Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. My Crohns disease was very severe in high school and I was put on 60 pills a day including prednisone which caused my severe weight gain. 


I started getting bullied as early as middle school about my weight. It was so severe in high school that I wouldn't want to go. Due of my illness I missed so much school that my mother had to home school me. I missed my prom and all the fun memories that most had throughout school. 


Skip forward years later, I married my husband and we had two beautiful girls. I was still extremely unhealthy and overweight. I tried everything to loose the weight after my girls but nothing worked. I was depressed, miserable, unhappy, and dreaded bathing suite season. 


I stumbled upon a friend on Facebook who was a health coach. I reached out to her and she shared with me how she had effectively lost her weight and kept it off. I was nervous because I felt this was my last resort and knew there was a good chance I was going to die overweight and that I would always be known as the fat girl. 


I started program and within a month I lost 12lbs. Then 7 months later I was down 111 lbs, from 256 to 145. My husband has lost 60lbs as well. I loved how this program changed my life, gave me a second chance and allow me to be the mother I had always dreamed of. I decided to pay it forward and become a certified health coach. 


I truly enjoy helping others and giving them the same gift I received. Its the most rewarding job and I truly know God brought this program and coaching into my life! When its His will every door opens and all things are easy.

Karleen Wolanin - Certified Health Coach

Optavia Health Coach Richmond Va Karleen before and after weight loss
Health Coach Richmond va Karleen
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